Conferences of BSU
II International Scientific-Practical Conference "Plant Cell Biology and Biotechnology"
28.05.2018 — 31.05.2018BSU Faculty of Biology
+375 17 209-59-34, 209-58-50
Vadim Demidchik
Republican Erudite Competition on the World Economy
+375 17 209-57-36
Olga Kirvel
International Scientific-Practical Student Conference "The Lesson at the Cost of Fates"
+375 17 331-33-35
Dzmitry V. Filistovich
Republican Science-Methodical Conference "Actual Problems of Organization of Educational Process During Training of Military Specialists in Military Faculties of Higher Educational Institutions"
02.05.2018 — 31.05.2018BSU Military Faculty
+375 17 209-52-89
Alexander V. Sivec