Conferences of BSU
III International Scientific-Practical Conference of Young Scientists, Masters and Post-Graduate Students "Banking Business: Current State, Global Trends and Development Prospects"
+375 17 327-15-39
Alexey Korotkevich
Republican Scientific-Practical Conference "International Logistics: Problems and Prospects"
+375 17 209-57-52
Nikita Kudriashou
IV Republican Scientific-Methodical Conference "Modern Trends in the Development of Military Education"
+375 17 209-52-88
Dzianis Matsuka
VIII Republican Olympiad on Russian Language for Foreign Students Studying in Higher Educational Institutions of the Republic of Belarus
+375 17 209-57-44, 209-57-76
Sergey I. Lebedinsky, Victoriya V. Chupik
International Scientific-Practical Conference in Memory of Professor N.G. Yurkevich "Theoretical and Applied Problems of Realization and Protection of Subjective Rights in the Context of Innovative Socio-Economic Development of the Society"
20.04.2018 — 21.04.2018BSU Faculty of Law
+375 17 209-55-63
Ivan N. Koliadko
Sviridov Readings 2018
10.04.2018 — 13.04.2018Minsk, Leningradskaya st.14
375 17 2264702
Vrublevskaya Olga Nickolaevna
V Republican Scientific-Practical Conference "Geoinformation Systems of Military Purpose (Theoretical and Practical Use)"
02.04.2018 — 27.04.2018BSU Military Faculty
+375 17 209-52-94
Oleg V. Rudenkov