Conferences of BSU
International Scientific Conference "1917 in the History of Belarus"
30.11.2017 — 01.12.2017BSU Faculty of History
+375 17 209-55-98
Oleg Maliugin
11th International Theoretical and ractical Conference "Ideas. Search. Solutions"
+375 17 327-50-10
Natalia Nizhneva
National Conference on Agro- and Ecotourism 2017: Partnership and Innovations
+375 44 590-19-10
Valeria A. Klitsounova
V International Skoryna Scientific Readings, Devoted to the 500th Anniversary of Belarusian Book Printing
17.11.2017 — 18.11.2017BSU Faculty of Philology
+375 17 222-35-82
Tatiana P. Kazakova
International Scientific Conference "November Meeting", Dedicated to 140th Anniversary of Academicians N.M. Nikolsky and V.N. Pertsev
16.11.2017 — 17.11.2017BSU Faculty of History
+375 17 327-18-08
Igor Ewtuhow, Oleg Maliugin
19th International Scientific and Practical Conference "Journalism-2017: condition, problems and prospects"
16.11.2017 — 17.11.2017BSU Institute of Journalism
+375 17 259-70-93
Natalija Zubchonak
III International Scientific-Practical Conference "National Cultures in Intercultural Communication"
II Republican scientific-practical seminar "New technologies in teaching of Russian as Foreign language: Theoretical and Practical Aspects"
+375 17 209-57-44, 209-57-76
Sergey I. Lebedinsky, Natalia L. Makarenko
Scientific Conference of Young Scientists "Biological Autumn 2017"
+375 17 209-58-06
Kseniya M. Liuzina
International Scientific and Practical Conference "Criminal Proceeding Based on the Rule of Law as Means to Ensure Human Rights"
09.11.2017 — 12.11.2017BSU Faculty of Law
+375 17 209-55-61
Aleh Maroz, Vadzim Samaryn
Interuniversity Scientific and Methodological Workshop "Actual Problems of Practical Training"
01.11.2017 — 30.11.2017BSU Military Faculty
+375 17 209-52-89
International Scientific and Practical Internet-Conference "Modern Problems of Applied Juridical Psychology"
+375 17 259-70-49
Igor A. Furmanov, Igor E. Metlitsky
International Scientific Conference "Belarusian Sociology Faces the Challenge of Time (Dedicated to the 20th Anniversary of the Journal "Sociology")"
+375 17 259-70-41
Alexander N. Danilov