Conferences of BSU
I International scientific and practical conference of young scientists «The role of young scientists in the development and formation of science»
Scientific conference of students and postgraduates (within the framework of the 81th Scientific conference of students and postgraduates of BSU)
25.04.2024 — 26.04.2024School of Business BSU
International conference “Probability theory, mathematical statistics and applications”
22.04.2024 — 24.04.2024Department of Probability Theory and Mathematical Statistics
XII Republican Contest in the Russian language for foreign students studying in higher educational institutions of the Republic of Belarus
18.04.2024 — 19.04.2024Department of theory and methodology of teaching Russian as a foreign language; Karl Marx Street, 31
II international scientific and practical conference “Integration and practical processes in Eurasia: current state, challenges, prospects. 10 years of the Treaty on the EAEU”
Round Table on innovations in international relations research agenda
I International Scientific and Practical Conference "Development throught Innovation: concepts, models and implementation experience"
International Logistic Forum
IV scientific readings in memory of Doctor of Historical Sciences Yuri Nikolaevich Bohan (1966-2017) “Personality, man and community in the history of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania of the XIII–XVIII centuries”
Belarusian Geographical Congress, dedicated to the 90th anniversary of the Faculty of Geography and Geoinformatics of BSU and 70th anniversary of the Belarusian Geographical Society
3 International Scientific-Practical Conference «Art and Contemporary City»
VI Scientific and Practical Roundtable of leactures, postgraduate students and students ''The main trends in the economic development of the Republic of Belarus''
III International Literary Translation Contest ‘Flowers from Foreign Fieldsʼ
V International scientific-practical conference «Business. Education. Economics»
International scientific conference of young scientists, postgraduates, students “Interdisciplinary integration in archaeology and special historical disciplines”
04.04.2024 — 05.04.2024Historical faculty, department of archaeology and special historical disciplines
International scientific and practical conference "Problems of teaching higher mathematics and informatics in the new educational paradigm"
01.04.2024 — 02.04.2024Faculty of mechanics and mathematics, department of general mathematics and informatics
IV International scientific-methodical conference «Modern trends in the development of military education»
IX Business Idea Financial and Economic Start-Up Project Competition
Student Startup Competition "StartUpHeart"
01.04.2024 — 30.11.2024Faculty of Economics
Training seminars for young scientists «Science without borders»