Conferences of BSU
XX Scientific-methodological conference of the Faculty of Philosophy and Social Sciences on Teaching Social and Humanitarian Disciplines in Higher School: Problems and Prospects, dedicated to the memory of Prof. I.L. Zelenkova
International round table on Patterns of the Transformation of Political Institutions in the Modern World and in the Republic of Belarus
(+375 29) 365-23-61
Round table on Codification of Private International Law: Tools and Pain Points
II International Round Table Intellectual Property Law: History of Formation and Prospects
(+375 17) 209-55-93
International Round Table Prospects for the Development of Integration Processes in the CIS and EAEU
II International scientific-practical internet-conference on Current Issues of Formation of Students’ Healthy Lifestyle
(+375 17) 574-86-04
VI International scientific-practical conference Foreign Languages: Innovations, Research and Teaching Prospects
(+375 29) 878-79-77
XI Republican competition on Russian language for foreign students studying in higher educational institutions of the Republic of Belarus
22.03.2023 — 24.03.2023BSU Faculty of Philology
(+375 17) 209-57-44
II International scientific-practical conference on Axiology of Philological Education in the Context of Training the Teacher of the Future, dedicated to the 35th anniversary of the Department of Rhetoric and Methods of Teaching Language and Literature
20.03.2023 — 21.03.2023BSU Faculty of Philology
(+375 17) 249-13-65
Round table on Problems of Systematization of Complex Branches of Legislation, dedicated to the 30th anniversary of the adoption of the Environmental Protection Law in the Republic of Belarus (with international participation)
(+375 17) 209-55-77, (+375 17) 209-55-73
VII International scientific-practical conference on Linguistics, Linguodidactics and Linguoculturology
VII Republican scientific-practical conference of young scientists Language and Literature in the XXI Century: Current Aspects of Research
IV International scientific-methodological conference on Environmental Education and Sustainable Development: Status, Goals, Problems and Prospects
International scientific-practical round table The Fourth Civilistic Readings dedicated to the Memory of Professor M.G. Pronina
International scientific-practical conference: Journalism – Medialogy – Mentoring