Conferences of BSU
International Scientific and Practical Conference "Applied problems of optics, computer science, radio physics and condensed matter physics"
+ 375 17 212-50-00
Uladzimir I. Papechyts
International Scientific Conference "Probability theory, random processes, mathematical statistics and applications"
+375 17 209-51-29
Alexey Yu. Kharin
Eurasian Scientific and Practical Student Forum "Analytical Economics and Prognostics untill 2030 yr."
20.02.2015 — 05.03.2015Economical Faculty of BSU
+ 375 17 220-22-84
4th International Scientific and Practical Conference "International Journalism 2015: Formation of Information Space of Partnership from Vladivostok to Lisbon and Media"
+375 17 259-74-11, 259-70-11
Boris L. Zalesski, Tatiana N. Dasaeva