Conferences of BSU
VIII International Scientific-Practical Conference "Theory and Practice of Teaching Russian as a Foreign Language: Achievements, Problems and Prospects for Development"
+375 17 209-57-44, 209-57-76
Sergey I. Lebedinsky, Veronika S. Tikhonovich
VIII International Scientific Conference of Young Scientists, Graduates, Master and PhD Students "Actual Environmental Problems" (in English Language)
22.11.2018 — 23.11.2018BSU ISEI
+375 17 398-96-24
Leonid N. Moskalchuk
International Scientific-Practical Conference "Social Technologies in the Globalizing World: Theory and Practice"
+375 17 259-70-41
National conference "Agro- and Ecotourism 2018: Partnership and Innovations"
+375 44 590-19-10
Valeria Klitsounova
III International Scientific and Educational Forum of Young Translators and Interpreters "Linguistic Personality, Translation and Interpretation"
+375 17 284-00-20
Round Table with International Participation "Methods and Tactics of Crime Investigation: Theory, Practice, Innovations"
+37517 209-55-75
Katerina Orekhova, Alexandr Abdurahmanov
Republican Scientific-Practical Workshop of Students and Young Scientists "GIS-technologies in Earth Sciences-2018"
VI International Scientific Conference "Current Problems of Landscape Science and Geoecology" (Dedicated to the 110th Anniversary of V.A. Dementiev)
13.11.2018 — 16.11.2018BSU Faculty of Geography
International Scientific Conference "State Formation Processes and Self-Determination of Belarus in ‎1917–1920"
01.11.2018 — 30.11.2018BSU Faculty of History
+375 17 327-63-71
Aliaksandr Burachonak
International Scientific-Practical Conference "Scientific and Methodological Support of Physical Education and Sports Training of University Students"
+375 17 209-56-33
Valery Kulikov
International Scientific Conference "XI Suprun Readings"
01.11.2018 — 02.11.2018BSU Faculty of Philology
+375 17 222-33-66
Scientific-Practical Workshop "Gender Problems in Society and Social Work"
IV International Scientific-Methodological Conference "Current Trends in Additional Adult Education"
+375 17 222-83-31, 222-83-15 (факс)
Natallia Кuralovich
Cross-disciplinary Inter-university Research and Methodology Seminar Dedicated to the World Philosophy Day
+375 17 222-83-13
Marina Volnistaya
II International Scientific and Practical Conference «“Long XIX century” in the History of Belarus and Eastern European»
+375 17 200-20-47
Sergej Shymukovich
International Scientific and Practical Conference "Ethnic and Confessional Relations in the Grand Duchy of Lithuania"
+375 17 200-20-47
Alena Lyubaya
XV Republican Scientific Conference Young Scientists and Post-graduate Students "Social and Liberal Knowledge"
+375 17 228-17-02
Rehina Litvinionak