Conferences of BSU
10th student conference on Christian Values in the Culture of Modern Youth
XIII international conference on Agroecotourism at the Time of Modern Challenges: National Experience
XIII international scientific-technical conference on Quantum electronics
International scientific-practical festival on Innovative Socio-Psychological Technologies: from Theory to Practice
International scientific conference of students, undergraduates and graduate students Autumn Readings: Youth and Law - 2021
19.11.2021 — 20.11.2021BSU Faculty of Law
(+375 17) 209-55-76
Republican scientific-practical seminar of students and young scientists GIS Technologies in Earth Sciences-2021
International scientific-practical conference Journalism-2020: Condition, Problems and Future
11.11.2021 — 12.11.2021BSU Faculty of Journalism
(+375 17) 259-74-00, (+375 17) 259-70-93
International scientific conference November Meeting – XIV
11.11.2021 — 12.11.2021BSU Faculty of History
International Scientific and Educational Forum for Young Translators named after D.O. Polovtseva "Linguistic personality and translation"
International Scientific and Practical Conference "Sociological Science and Education: Contemporary Challenges and Risks" dedicated to the memory of Professor G.P. Davidyuk
International Scientific and Practical Conference “Socio-Economic Geography in the XXI Century: New Realities and Applied Opportunities”
International conference on Contemporary Issues of Legal Education on Criminal Justice with Respect to European Standards on Human Rights
01.11.2021 — 30.11.2021BSU Faculty of Law
(+375 29) 775-66-30, (+375 29) 765-28-84