Conferences of BSU
3rd Scientific-practical conference Diplomatic Readings for students of the specialization Organization of International Relations, student research laboratory Analytic of the Faculty of International Relations
20th International scientific conference Belarus in the Modern World
15th International scientific conference on Intercultural Communication and Vocational-Oriented Foreign Language Teaching
VII International scientific-practical conference dedicated to the memory of D.O. Polovtsev "Linguistic personality and effective communication in the modern multicultural world"
Faculty of Social and Cultural Communications
XIII International scientific conference on Slavic Literatures in the Context of the World Literature, dedicated 100-year-old BSU and to the 90th anniversary of the corresponding member of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus, Professor Oleg A Loiko
II International conference of young scientists Digital Transformation - Step into the Future
VII Republican scientific-practical seminar Linguodidactics: New Technologies in the Teaching of Russian as a Foreign Language
VIII International scientific-practical conference Topical Issues of Liberal Education
International scientific conference Language, Culture, Creativity in the Transdisciplinary Dimension: Traditions and Innovations, dedicated to the 100th anniversary of BSU and the 90th anniversary of the birth of Professor V.N. Teliy
International scientific and practical round table on Theoretical and Applied Perspectives of Legal Provision of the Modern Development of the Economy
International scientific-practical conference Development of Private Law Research: Succession and Innovation, dedicated to the 100th anniversary of the Department of Civil Law, Faculty of Law, BSU
19.10.2021 — 20.10.2021BSU Faculty of Law
(+375 17) 209-55-74
IX International scientific conference Russian Language: System and Functioning, dedicated to the 100th anniversary of BSU
19.10.2021 — 20.10.2021BSU Faculty of Philology
International scientific-practical conference Innovative Solutions in Business Process Management
18.10.2021 — 22.10.2021BSU School of Business
(+375 17) 306-00-17, (+375 17) 203-53-99
Republican scientific-practical conference Constitutional Law as a Factor of Dynamic Development of the Belarusian State: History and Current State
International scientific-practical conference on Financial and Legal Instruments for Implementation of Public Policy in the Era of Digital Transformation of Society
15.10.2021 — 16.10.2021BSU Faculty of Law
II International scientific-practical internet conference on Development of New Generation of Scholarly-Methodological Supply in the Educational Process of Higher School: Problems, Solutions, and Prospects
2nd International Scientific and Literary Readings dedicated to the 100th anniversary of Benjamin the Blessed
14.10.2021 — 16.10.2021BSU Faculty of Philology
International Belarusian-Chinese seminar "Computational mechanics for granular and geomaterials"
(+375 17) 209-53-45
International Belarusian-Chinese seminar "Golden fields of science and technology"
Startup forum of young researchers of the Faculty of Economics on Innovative Development of the Organization in Modern Economic Conditions
Republican scientific-practical workshop Study of International Relations in the Republic of Belarus: State and Prospects
IV International scientific-practical conference Current Issues of Formation of Healthy Lifestyle of Students
3rd International scientific conference Approaches to Regional Geology of the West of the East European Platform and Adjacent Territories
(+375 17) 209-53-09, (+375 17) 209-50-86
Interdisciplinary seminar on inclusive tourism development in Belarus and worldwide (with international participation)
International academic conference Picheta Readings – 2021: 100th Anniversary of BSU as the first University of Belarus
Republican scientific-practical seminar on Modernization of Artillery Weapons and Reconnaissance Equipment. Improving the Effective Engagement of the Enemy in Modern Combat Conditions
01.10.2021 — 31.10.2021BSU Military Faculty
V International scientific-practical conference on Communication in Social and Humanitarian Science, Economics, Education
Student scientific conference "BSUTalks"
(+375 17) 209-53-12