Conferences of BSU
International Scientific and Practical Conference "Contemporary Mediasphere: Practice of Transformation, Theoretical Reflection, Institutional Perspectives"
+375 17 259-70-18, 259-70-19
Andrei Patrebin, Alena Krasouskaja
Republican Round Table "Priority Directions of Development of the Environmental, Land and Agrarian Law" dedicated to the Jubilee of Prof. T.I.Makarova, Doctor of Law
+375 17 209-55-77
Victoria Lizgaro
IV International Scientific Conference "Management in the Field of Customs"
+375 17 209-57-52
Elena N. Martsiushevskaya
Republican Scientific and Practical Conference of Young Scholars "Language and Literature in the XXI century: Current Aspects of Research"
+375 17 222-35-82
Volha V. Zuyeva
Round Table "Corporate Press in a Media Convergence and Globalization of Information Space"
01.03.2017 — 31.03.2017BSU Institute of Journalism
+375 17 259-70-33
Olga Samusevich, Svetlana Kharitonova