Conferences of BSU
International Scientific Conference "Criminal Justice in the Light of the Integration of Legal Systems and the Internationalization of Criminal Threats"
27.10.2017 — 28.10.2017BSU Faculty of Law
+375 17 209-55-61
Olga V. Petrova
Republican Scientific Conference "Christian Values in the Culture of Modern Youth"
4th International Scientific Conference "Belarus 2030: State, Business, Science, Education"
+375 17 217-83-52
III International Scientific-Practical Conference "Linguistic Personality and Effective Communication in the Contemporary Multicultural World"
International Scientific and Practical Conference "Scientific and Methodological Support of University Education: History and Prospects of the Development"
26.10.2017 — 27.10.2017BSU Education Development Center
+375 17 209-59-65
Lyudmila Mosejchuk
International Round Table "Belarusian-Russian Relations at the Present Stage: State and Prospects"
+375 17 209-57-37
Aliaksandr V. Tsikhamirau
Workshop "Comprehensive Support of Combat Operation. Problems and Solutions"
+375 17 331-33-35
II International Scientific and Practical Conference "Free Radicals in Chemistry and Life"
19.10.2017 — 20.10.2017BSU Faculty of Chemistry
+ 375 17 209-54-64, 328-61-42
Oleg I. Shadyro
IV International Scientific and Practical Conference "Topical Problems of Liberal Education"
+375 17 209-58-73, 209-59-10, 209-59-20 (fax)
International Scientific Conference "Philosophy and the Civilization Challenges of the Post-Modernity"
+375 17 259-74-07, 259-70-54
Anatoli A. Liahchylin, Vladimir T. Novikov, Danila G. Dabrarodni
International Scientific and Practical Conference "Criminalistic Security of the Investigation of Crimes: Challenges, Perspectives and Innovations"
12.10.2017 — 13.10.2017BSU Faculty of Law
+375 17 209-55-75
Katerina Orekhova, Alexandr Abdurahmanov
International Scientificand Practical Conference "Media Space of Belarus: Past and Present” Dedicated to the 100th Anniversary of the Newspaper "Zvyazda" and the 90th Anniversary of the Newspaper "Sovetskaya Belorussia: Belarus Segodnia"
11.10.2017 — 12.10.2017BSU Institute of Journalism
+375 17 259-70-31, 259-70-33
Dmitriy Drozdov, Svetlana Kharitonova
Republican Scientific and Practical Conference "The Study of International Relations in the Republic of Belarus: State and Prospects. To the 25th Anniversary of the Department of International Relations"
+375 17 209-57-37
Aliaksandr Tsikhamirau
III Republican Scientific Conference "Signaling Mechanisms of Regulation of Physiological Functions" and the XIV Congress of the Public Association "Belarusian Society of Physiologists"
05.10.2017 — 06.10.2017BSU Faculty of Biology
+375 17 209-58-72
Anatoly G. Chumak
17th International Conference "University Library Management"
04.10.2017 — 06.10.2017Fundamental Library of BSU
+ 375 17 209-50-37
Republican Round Table "Sociology of Revolution (Dedicated to the 100th Anniversary of the October Revolution)"
+375 17 259-70-41
Alexander N. Danilov
International Round Table "Belarus and Poland in the Context of Global Transformations"
+375 17 209-57-37
Aliaksandr V. Tsikhamirau