Conferences of BSU
Republican polymath competition World Economy: Modern Development Trends
Scientific and Methodological Conference on Training at the University of Disciplines in the Sphere of Criminal Justice
(+375 17) 209-55-61
VIII International scientific-practical conference of young scientists Banking Business and Financial Economy: Global Trends and Development Prospects
(+375 17) 327-15-39
XXIX International Cyrill and Methodius’ Readings
VII International scientific-practical conference Ecology and Environmental Protection
(+375 17) 209-52-87
IX Republican scientific-practical conference Geoinformation Systems for Military Purposes: Theory and Practice of Application
(+375 29) 556-36-88
International Round Table Scientists Against Nazism
(+375 17) 360-09-14
International scientific-practical seminar on Mechanics and Mathematical Modeling
(+375 29) 878-69-16
80th Scientific conference of BSU students and postgraduates
10.05.2023 — 20.05.2023BSU General Directorate of Science
(+375 17) 209-51-69